Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not so Idol with the Top 36

A list of the supposed Top 36 contestants has been posted on and further supported by a blogger, who has previously been very reliable in his scoopage on the show. Missing from the list is two of my favorite contestants...bikini girl, Katrina Darrell or the girl with the dog, Sharon Wilbur.

Below is the list of who is going to make it past Hollywood week:
(Remember to take it this what it's worth and not to be too upset if it's not completely accurate)
  • Adam Lambert
  • Alexander Wagner-Trugman
  • Alexis Grace
  • Allison Iraheta
  • Ann Marie Boskovich
  • Anoop Desai
  • Arianna Ayesha Afsar
  • Brent Keith
  • Casey Carlson
  • Danny Gokey
  • Jackie Tohn
  • Jasmine Murray
  • Jeanine Vailes
  • Jessica Langseth
  • Joanna Pacitti
  • Jorge Nunez
  • Junot Joyner
  • Kai Kalama
  • Kendall Beard
  • Kristen McNamara
  • Kris Allen
  • Lil Rounds
  • Matt Breitzke
  • Matt Giraud
  • Megan Corkrey
  • Michael (something, the last name is unclear)
  • Mishavonna Henson
  • Nate McGee (listed as Nathaniel Marshall on the “Idol” site)
  • Nick Western (possibly Nick Hendrix from Orlando)
  • Ricky Braddy
  • Scott MacIntyre
  • Stephen Fowler
  • Stevie Wright
  • Taylor Vaifanua
  • Tatiana Del Toro
  • Von Smith

Wolvine Poster...meh

Yesterday, I posted the G.I. Joe posters. Today we've got a first look at the poster for the upcoming Wolverine: Origins poster. In comparison to those posters yesterday this one is kind of boring. Perhaps if this was the first time we ever saw Wolverine in a film it would be exciting, but quite frankly Gambit is the one that is making the geekboys squeal with delight.

Hugh Jackman is trying to look mysterious here...but this is the guy singing and dancing around a year ago on Viva Laughlin last year. He can no longer be a badass after that. Seriously.

House of Style Redux

It looks like MTV has finally realized that the shelf life for The Hills is quickly ticking down. Along with already developing 16 new shows this year (including the already premiered Bromance and The City). To find a new hit, it looks like they might be heading back to the 90s and one of their signature shows -- House of Style.

While Cindy Crawford (above), the show's original host, is not going to be involved, the network is looking for a new supermodel to take the reigns. Word is that they are trying to whoo Leonardo DiCaprio's model girlfriend Bar Refaeli to be their host.

Regardless of who they get, MTV should put a huge mole on the model's face as an homage to Cindy C.

Friday, January 30, 2009

File this under, no one cares

If a TV show is cancelled and no one cares should this blog entry even be written?

Scrubs, which has stopped being funny about six seasons ago, was unwanted by its original network, NBC, and got cancelled. ABC, for some reason, picked up the show and is now airing a new season. Still unfunny.

Thankfully creator Bill Lawrence has announced the show will be ending and everyone will be put out of our misery.

Speaking at his alma mater, Lawrence told a crowd that both he and star Zach Braff were leaving the show. Previously, Lawrence had said there was a possibility of the show continuing in some form. But considering the show has been tanking in the ratings this year, it sounds like he is just planning to cut his losses.

Gotta Get Tough...YO JOE

For some reason I am really kind of excited for the G.I. Joe movie that is coming out this summer. With a big named cast that includes Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sienna Miller and Dennis Quaid, I have hopes that this might actually be decent. Though I ran into Gordon-Levitt at Sundance last weekend, he blew me off before I could pump him for any information. Instead we'll just have to settle for these new posters that were released.

G.I. Joe may have been one of the best 80s cartoons, so hopefully this movie doesn't suck.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Repo The Genetic Opera Interview

Repo! The Genetic Opera is an opera film directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw 2-4) and is unlike anything that you will likely see for a long time. It centers around a future with widespread organ failure and a company that legally sells organ replacements. However, if the recipients don't pay, the organs will take them back just as quickly.

The film, which stars
Paul Sorvino, Alexa Vega, Paris Hilton, Anthony Stewart Head and singer Sarah Brightman, came out on DVD last week and below is a brief Q&A I had with Bousman, writer Terence Zdunich and Sorvino.

Q: Paul, how did you get involved with the movie?
Sorvino: Actually what happened is you guys somehow got it to my managers. They said there is this thing that is $5000.00. I said for what? 5 minutes? They said, no the whole thing. I said are you out of your mind. Then they said a rock opera. I said I’m an opera singer not a rock opera singer. Just tell them goodbye.
Zdunich: Paul said I didn’t quite get it.

Q: Darren, you have been vocal in your hesitation to meet with Paris Hilton originally. What changed your mind?
Bousman: I think it’s cool to hate Paris Hilton. That’s what’s cool. That’s what’s vogue. I was one of those people until I met her and realized she is not at all who you think she is. I think media portrays her in one second snapshots of her worst moments. Imagine if that were your life? I think that’s not fair. And when I met her I realized she wasn’t who I thought she was and I retract everything negative that I ever said about her.

Q: The film has an eclectic cast. How did the casting process happen?
Bousman: What it was when I read the final version of the screenplay, the screenplay is so weird and out there. And it’s crazy and eccentric and out of the box. The casting had to be weird, crazy, eccentric, and out of the box. When we ended with someone like Paul Sorvino and Alexa Vega, what’s the opposite of Paul Sorvino and Alexa Vega? Paris Hilton. What’s the opposite of Paris Hilton, Sarah Brightman. We tried to cast it eclectically how the script was and we went for the best people.

Q: Lionsgate has kind of just dumped the film on DVD. Because of that, how important is the fanbase to a film like this?
Seriously, they don’t understand it. It’s not that they are the enemy, they just don’t get it. It’s our job to show it to them. What we are doing is set fires in every city and we are trying to set the world on fire. Everytime we light a fire they try to put it out, and all of sudden they are trying to put out all of these fires all over the place and realizing they can’t because it’s spreading. And that’s what our job is, it’s like a bad STD – spread it everywhere.

Q: How do you respond to the critics who don't get the film either?
Bousman: They aren’t watching the same movie. They aren’t at the theater watching it when I am watching it. They watch it in a stuffy room with a couple of other critics. Originally isn’t dead, it’s just not rewarded. I think they don’t know how to respond, so they respond to hate.

Faris Engaged

Scary Movie and House Bunny star Anna Faris just got engaged to actor Chris Pratt (Everwood, Bride Wars).

Faris, 32, was previously married for four years to actor Ben Indra. The couple met while making the horror film Lovers Lane.

My Day Was Just Made By This...

So as many of my friends may know, when I broke my foot late last year I suddenly and inexplicably hooked on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I have been known to actually DVR and watch multiple hours per day. If SVU were a narcotic I would be in rehab with Lohan.

According to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello has just revealed that the show's original ADA, played by Stephanie March, is coming back to the show this season. This is like finding out that my parents lied all these years about their being no Santa Claus...especially since the new one (who's name I have yet to even care to learn) played by Michaela McManus is a sorry replacement.

Tomb Raiding Again

Despite Angelina Jolie saying that she would be more than happy to do another Tomb Raider film, it looks like the producers don't want her. Rather than doing a sequel entry in the franchise, a reboot is being planned. Even more interesting is that it seems the rights reverted back to the game makers and now Warner Bros. will be making the new film (Paramount had made the previous entries).

Rumors have been swirling that Megan Fox is the top choice to take over the short shorts. And this is just what the world needs...

Narnia again

20th Century Fox has agreed to co-finance the third installment in The Chronicles of Narnia series. This comes after Disney threw in the towel after concerns about the budget, estimated at around $200 million, and the diminishing returns of Prince Caspian. The second film grossed $419 million worldwide compared to the original's $745 million.

Fox is parring down the budget to about $140 million, which will be split evenly with Walden. Filming is scheduled for later this year for a release next year.

Beat the Blogger...

This weekend a trio of movies are opening in theaters. None of them are exactly going to be breaking records. Here's how this works. I give my prediction of how things are going to go for the new movies and you see if you can beat me.
The movies opening this weekend are Taken starring Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen and Lost's Maggie Grace. The Uninvited stars Elizabeth Banks. New in Town stars Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr.

Paul Blart is going to stay at number one and Taken will take the most of the newcomers, though considering how little entertainment value is offered in the film it will probably have maybe one good weekend beofre dying out. It's been released overseas and has been sitting around for some time over here (think Al Pacino's 88 Minutes last year). Taken should do about $13 million. The Uninvited should do about $10 million while Zellweger's zero buzz film is flying so under the radar expect it around $6 million.

What do you think??


So my internet went out Friday night so that is why there were no more updates until now. Below is a link to the article I wrote about the Sundance boycott and the overall feel of this year's fest. More updates later about what I actually did and saw...

Did Boycott Hurt Sundance