Saturday, January 24, 2009

John Krasinski knows how to sell tickets

So the screening to Brief Interviews with Hideous Men was sold out. As with all Sundance films there was the option of waitlist tickets. However, either everyone really likes Krasinski or the movie is (gasp) actually good. About 200 people showed up hoping for waitlist tickets in a 400 person theater. Needless to say they couldn't even get the first 60 (I was number 70) into the theater because the real ticket buyers had shown up.

Trying my luck again with the new Michael Cera movie, Paper Heart. Spotted in line also trying to get waitlist tickets was actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Too come whether either of us make it into see Cera...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Live (Almost) from Sundance

Yes, folks Sundance and I have finally met. The top picture is the famous Egyptian theater that you always see whenever anyone talks about the festival. The second picture is the scenery behind my hotel.

I have only been in town for about 2-3 hours and already have almost been hit by a car, done an interview, and had two starsightings. As I was walking to meet my wonderful friend Maria, I got a crazy old man stare from Eric Stoltz as he drove by -- and we are talking really creepy. Like seriously pervy old man creepy. Now I could be wrong about it, but I am like 99% sure it was Eric Stoltz. I mean how many other people have the unique hair-eye color combination that he does. Then when Maria was showing me around the press office (and hooking me up with a free water bottle for my parched self) she pointed out Josh Brolin.

Heading out in a minute to try to see the directorial debut of John Krasinski (Jim from The Office).

Having too much fun...not sure if I will make it back.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scream 4 is officially moving forward

It has been rumored for quite some time, but there is officially some movement happening on the fourth entry in the popular Scream franchise.
According to Bloody-Disgusting they have a reliable source that has insider information. As per their source:

  • Kevin Williamson, creator of the original trilogy, is already hard at work on a draft for the new film.
  • Not much is known about the story except that it is going to be a younger story centering on new characters.
  • Talks are ongoing with trilogy survivors Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette to come back for cameo roles. For his part, Arquette recently said, "There's big talk about it now, it's not just the internet. There's actual calls being made."
  • Wes Craven, who is still soured from his last experience working with Dimension on Cursed, may come back for the new installment -- though nothing is finalized.
This was the horror franchise when i was in high school, so knowing that the original players could be back is a significant sign of hope in a world filled with films like Rob Zombie's Halloween.

EXCLUSIVE: Law Abiding Citizen on-set photos

Law Abiding Citizen began filming in Center City Philadelphia today. Shooting was around City Hall for most of the day today. For the inaugural day of filming Jamie Foxx was on set with director F. Gary Gray (in the first picture behind the woman in the funny striped hat and hiding underneath the fur lined hood) to for the kick-off. Above are shots from the set today. Insider tip: the craft service table was serving soft pretzels just off camera.
The film centers around an assistant D.A, played by Foxx, who lands in the center of a vigilante plot launched by a woman victimized by the legal system. Gerard Butler (300) also stars. Catherine Zeta-Jones does too, supposedly.


So I'm entering the blogosphere. It was only a matter of time before the time came. After last year's attempt to move into producing my own work was derailed by unforeseen circumstances, this seemed like the logical step.
Unlike blogs like Perez, Dlisted and Pinkisthenewblog, The Buzz aims to deal with entertainment news in all realms of the business. Gossip from celebrities personal lives aren't going to be the focal point here. Instead you'll get to know what's going on in the entertainment industry through news, features and analysis.
I'm still getting my bearings on the blogging, so any comments or feedback is helpful...but if it's too critical or negative shoot me an e-mail rather than leaving it in the comments section.

In the meantime...enjoy!

Twilight Released at Midnight

A March 21st release date has been set for the DVD of Twilight. But nothing about the home viewing release is going to by typical. DVDs typically come out on Tuesday mornings, but this one will be on a Saturday -- let alone going on sale at midnight.
To the left is the cover art for the two-disc special edition that will be available. Bonus features include a cast audio commentary with the lead couple, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson; a seven-part making-of documentart called The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen; a featurette about the film at Comic-Con; a dozen extended and deleted scenes; and a trio of music videos from the bands Muse, Paramore and Linkin Park.
Now that is something for fans to sink their teeth into!

Disney Releases Pictures of New Princess

Walt Disney Pictures has released the first images from their new 2d (hand drawn) animated film, The Princess and the Frog. The film, featuring Disney's first African-American princess, is set in New Orleans and follows the story of Princess Tiana.
The film will be released on Christmas day later this year. Voices are provided by Anika Noni Rose, Oprah, John Goodman and Keith David.

Britney no longer Seeks Amy, just sees her

For her third single, Britney Spears has decided to release "If You Seek Amy" -- arguably the best track on the new album. Depending on how closely you listen to the track, the title sounds like F.U.C.K. me when sung.
Having an explicit sounding title like that can cause problems for the nation's radio stations. To help, Brit is recutting the track so she just says "If You See Amy" and the country's youth will be protected.

For anyone who hasn't heard the song, take a listen below...

CW Gives in; Tori Spelling returns to 90210

The reincarnation of 90210 on the CW has been struggling to live up to the hype that it premiered to last Fall. Perhaps it could be annoying lead characters, appearing to be a Gossip Girl knock-off, or that it has yet to fully find its footing. One of the only things that have helped keep the show on the air is the nostalgia factor of having Kelly and Brenda back in the the West Beverly hallways.
The only one missing was Tori Spelling as Donna Martin, who was supposed to appear in the pilot but talks broke down when the network wouldn't pony up an equal payday to her former co-stars. Well, either the apocalypse has come or the show has realized what Donna Martin means to the show. Either way, Spelling is scheduled to come back later this season in an episode directed by another alum Jason Priestley. Now if only Brenda and Donna could get together for a catfight....

Beckhams Together in Underwear

The new ad that was released this week featuring His and Hers Beckhams in their underwear is sure to create a stir. Previously, David Beckham made Armani underwear a must have after becoming the model for the brand and posing for pictures that made all men feel like they needed to beeline for the gym.