Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CW Gives in; Tori Spelling returns to 90210

The reincarnation of 90210 on the CW has been struggling to live up to the hype that it premiered to last Fall. Perhaps it could be annoying lead characters, appearing to be a Gossip Girl knock-off, or that it has yet to fully find its footing. One of the only things that have helped keep the show on the air is the nostalgia factor of having Kelly and Brenda back in the the West Beverly hallways.
The only one missing was Tori Spelling as Donna Martin, who was supposed to appear in the pilot but talks broke down when the network wouldn't pony up an equal payday to her former co-stars. Well, either the apocalypse has come or the show has realized what Donna Martin means to the show. Either way, Spelling is scheduled to come back later this season in an episode directed by another alum Jason Priestley. Now if only Brenda and Donna could get together for a catfight....

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