Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beat the Blogger...

This weekend has a handful of films opening up that are sure to accommodate everyone's appetite. Whether they will be the $10.00 and two hours of your life is another story. Let's who can predict the box office better, you or I.

My predictions:
It's going to be close for number 1. Pink Panther 2 and He's Just Not That Into You will battle it out. Panther should do around $20 million while Not That Into You will do just under and settle for number two. The marketing will get those happy couples celebrating an early Valentine's Day. (See my review tomorrow)

Taken will slide down to third with $10-12 million. Coraline should do around $10 itself. The wildcard is the Chris Evans actioner Push which will probably do somewhere between the two.

Now what do you think will happen???

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