Friday, May 22, 2009

Fall TV Previews -- ABC

Here are some promos that have come out for the upcoming ABC shows:

V: The Television Series

The alien ships look mad fake. But it stars Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) from Lost. In the end if they don't have the alien queen eat the canary like in the original miniseries, I'm out.

Cougar Town

Despite the name, the title does not refer to Courtney Cox's character. She does play a cougar, though, who is recently divorced. Created by Bill Lawrence, who also created the show that will not die -- Scrubs, this looks kind of hilarious.


Based on the John Updike book The Witches of Eastwick that was turned into a movie with an all-star cast, this show looks kind of like a disappointment in comparison. The girls seem suitable, but for that to be the dude they are all in love with doesn't seem right. He seems like a low rent version of Stephen Moyer from True Blood. But I do like me some Lindsay Price.

The Deep End

Billy Zane is coming to network TV and he is still as charming as in his heyday. The law firm set show looks quirky, but not over the top like Boston Legal. The voiceover in the trailer is kind of cheesy, so be warned.

Happy Town

Comparing yourself to Twin Peaks in the opening seconds of your trailer is probably not the best idea due to setting the bar to high (at least for the first season). The show is about that is home to a maniac named the Magic Man and stars a bunch of people who's faces you'll recognize but won't be able to remember their names without hitting up IMBD (Among them are Amy Acker, Lauren German, Sam Neill and Geoff Stults). I have a feeling that this may be gone by mid-season (Hello, Harper's Island anyone???), but looks interesting.

Modern Family

Has a decent named cast. But doesn't have anything to really entice you. Oh well...

The Middle

Patricia Heaton tries her hand at a comedy again, this time without a laugh track. This trailer makes it look like Malcolm in the Middle-esque.

Yea, I couldn't even bring myself to watch this one. So it's on you.

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