Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scream of the Day: Elise Neal

When Elise Neal was cast in the high profile sequel to Scream, she hit the acting equivalent of winning the lottery. By getting cast as Sidney’s best friend Hallie, Neal immediately got an elevated profile in Hollywood. It was a film that every starlet was (no pun intended) dying to get a role.

For Neal, Scream 2 was just one of the four roles that she in 1997. Despite getting the additional exposure, the actress took a turn to the small screen the following year with a leading role as D.L. Hughley’s sitcom, The Hughley’s. The show was not a huge hit, lasting for four years. Once it ended she rebounded with another sitcom, All of Us, produced by Will Smith and Elise’s Scream 2 co-star Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Moving on from her sitcom roles, Neal has worked steadily jumping between supporting roles in films like Hustle and Flow and, more recently, The Love Ranch. She also recently appeared on the NBC show The Cape.

Branching out from just acting, Elise Neal also helped to create the R&B group Assorted Flavors. Last year, she also gave an interview to TV One claiming that the Pussycat Dolls’ song “Don’t Cha” was originally hers, which was performed in Neal’s cabaret act, until lead PCD singer Nicole Schrezinger stole it. Schrezinger hasn’t responded to the claims.

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