Thursday, February 5, 2009

OH NO he went there...

Unless Jonathan Knight took a dump in his boyfriend's coffee and then laughed while he drank it before disappearing, the above story from The National Enquirer is probably the worst thing you can do. Knight, the shyest of the NKOTB brood, has never publicly come out -- though there have been rumors for awhile.

It turns out that Kyle Wilker doesn't believe in keeping things private. He has gone an sold his story to the checkout stand tabloid. Reports have the payday at merely $5,000.00 In the picture above the article says that Wilker and Knight went from dating to being friends when the Kids got back together last year.

Now I don't know much about gay relationships (considering how long I've been single I probably don't know much more about hetero relationships either) but to sell an ex-boyfriend out for $5,000.00 seems kind of cold.

Editorial Note: I debated whether to add this because I don't believe that people should be outed unless they are ready for it and are willing. But it's a big story that everyone will be talking about.


  1. This story makes me sad. I heard a long time ago that he was gay, and no shock, whatever. But he's about 40 and obviously been trying to keep his private life just that, and done a great job for over 20 years doing so, and he's allowed to. Enough celeb's sell their private lives for publicity. For this guys to sell him out, is BS.

  2. It makes you wonder what's wrong with the world that his ex would do that, doesn't it?