Friday, May 22, 2009

Fall TV Previews -- FOX

Fox has a couple of new shows coming this year. Glee has already aired it's first episode earlier this week and perhaps I was the only one not feeling it. Here's hoping the rest of their new slate is better:

Human Target

Based on a DC Comic book and starring the new Freddy Krueger. The promo below makes it look like Under Siege 2, minus Steven Seagal. Could be fun -- or painful.

The Cleveland Show

The Family Guy spin-off that was proposed for last season is finally hitting screens this fall. Granted, I am only a casual viewer of Family Guy but am I the only who didn't know about his son? It looks more on par with American Dad more so than it's source material.

Past Life

CSI for dead people, though not as redundant as it sounds. When a soul needs vengeance, the reincarnated are helped by these people. Yea, I for one will be skipping this one...

Sons of Tuscon

A comedy about siblings who decide to hire a guy (Tyler Labine of Reaper) to pose as their father after their biological dad is sent to prison. Considering the quality of this promo and the track record Fox has with comedies you can expect GREAT things from this (note, sarcasm).


A retired NFL player gets summoned home to help his family in Houston after his brother is left in a wheelchair. Here's the clip:

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