Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lindsay will be having pleasant dreams

In one of the weirdest rumors to have gone around in awhile this week talk popped up that Lindsay Lohan had been cast in the new Nightmare on Elm Street remake (reboot?) that Platinum Dunes is currently developing.

Why is this so weird?

First, there has been almost no public discussion about what is going on with the development of the film. It was just recently announced that music video director Sam Bayer would be helming the film.

Other than this report from Reuters, nothing else has been leaked as the script is not fully complete. In the report however, it said this entry in the series will "feature a strong element from the first film."

Second, Lohan has created a predicament for herself where she is basically unemployable right now. As if the whole drug and rehab probably wasn't it bad enough, there were the string of bombs she had and the diva behavior last fall that resulted in her being booted early from a guest stint on Ugly Betty.

Granted, this would probably be a smart move for her. But the chances of them giving her a role are pretty minimal.

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