Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Now Comes the Fallout

With reports now seeming to confirm that the altercation on Sunday was between Chris Brown and (presumably now ex-girlfriend) Rihanna, the last day and a half has begun to show what the impact has done for the singer's career.

Rihanna, who reports say may be heading out of Hollywood for the time being to be with family in Barbatos, has cancelled her 21st birthday party in New York and postponed both a Malaysian concert and one in Indonesia.

The long term ramifications of what this will do to Brown's career are unknown as of yet. In the short term, here is a list of consequences that have begun to happen:
  • Advertisements with Wrigley's and Got Milk? have both been pulled
  • Cleveland radio station, WAKS, has pulled Brown's music from rotation pending an outcome. The move came after listener feedback.
  • A scheduled performance at the NBA All-Star game has been scrapped.
  • His appearance the NAACP awards is also doubtful
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