Sunday, February 15, 2009

Could Lipstick Jungle Be Alive??

NBC is in a unique position next season, with Jay Leno moving to 10 p.m. that is going to cut a good chunk out of their programming schedules. So a number of on the bubble shows might have to find new homes.

Among those shows is the struggling Lipstick Jungle.

, which wrapped up its second season at the beginning of the year, has been bounced around the schedule multiple times throughout the year it was on NBC. When word came that it was being pulled fan reaction was able to keep it on longer and that fan support may keep it alive.

Earlier this month, Lindsay Price told E! Online's reporters that the plan is to move it to another NBC Universal owned network. The deal is being compared to that of Friday Night Lights this season. About the status of the deal, Price said, "Bravo or Lifetime...That's what they're saying..."

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