Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Giamatti down with being the Penguin; hasn't Batman movies

Despite admitting that he hasn't kept up with the Batman franchise, actor Paul Giamatti has commented on rumors that he is in the running for the role of the villianous Penguin.

The role that was last played by Danny DeVito in Batman Returns, has had Giamatti's name surrounding it and the actor is hopeful the whispers are true. "That would be fantastic. I'd love to do that," Giamatti said to MTV News.

The Big Fat Liar star admits that he is most familiar with the interpretation done by Burgess Meredith. "You know, I'm still stuck back in the Batman TV show days. That's what I grew up watching, so I never followed the more current stuff. But the Penguin would be great to do."

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is someone who is knows how to campaign for a role.

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