Sunday, February 15, 2009

Superman reboot...again

Almost everyone seemed to have problems with Bryan Singer's 2006 Superman Returns, which was supposed to make Superman cool again. Instead we got Brandon Routh doing his best Christopher Reeve impression, an answer to the Super-sperm theory, and a campy Kevin Spacey/Parker Posey duo.

For the last three years talk has been going back and forth how to proceed with the next film. Well, it appears Warner Bros. is looking to do another reboot with the Wachowski Brothers in the director's chair.

While hopefully this might make a Superman movie that we can be tolerated, it's unfortunate because they will probably start with a fresh slate. This means everyone will probably be cut, even Routh who (in my opinion) was too harshly criticized in the role because he wasn't able to do anything in role other than a tribute.

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