Thursday, February 19, 2009

A History of Violence at the multiplexes

What is wrong with America? Going to the movies to see the latest and greatest is one of our favorite past times. Lately, though, if you aren't packing heat you might not make it home.

First there was the case at Benjamin Button (in my hometown no less). Then Notorious ended badly -- for more than just Biggie. Now, a screening of Friday the 13th ended with a costumed man wounded in the hospital.

The movie theater this time turned the screening on Friday into an event, including an appearance by Jason Voorhees himself -- as played by Warrington Gillette, who played the villian in 1981's original sequel.

Well, a woman in the audience thought things were a little too real when Gillette came on stage wielding an axe. The audience member got overzealous and tried to wrestle it away from the hockey masked killer. In the process the actor got wounded by the axe and ended up in the hospital.

Come on, people let's try to play safely when going to the movies. Leave the action onscreen.

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