Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Week in Review

A look at what I've been watching, listening to and enjoying over the past 7 days. Share what you've been doing in the comments section or if there are things that I missed and shouldn't have..

The Grammys were kind of ho-hum and with Gossip Girl a repeat this week some of the joy from television was missing. The Big Bang Theory had a hilarious outing with Christine Baranski guesting as Leonard's therapist mother. In series premiere news, Dollhouse started on Friday and the show didn't necessarily leave me wanting more. Perhaps one more episode to give it a second chance.

Friday the 13th was just alright (despite cleaning up at the box office).

While I plan to check out some of the winners from the Grammy Awards, my week was a little crazy. Coming to Terms by Carolina Liar is an album that has been flying under the radar, despite the band's music appearing in television shows and films throughout the last year. Finally listening to it this week makes me understand why it's keeps chugging along. Check out their myspace page to sample their music.

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